Peninsula in Pink

November 06, 2014

For the month of October, Filmages are pleased to announce our collaboration with The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong, who are helpingto create awareness to Breast Cancer Awareness month. As part of the special offerings, the Peninsula Hotel created gastronomic delights with a pink theme. Proceeds from the creations will be going to the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry. 


For more information, go to the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry website.


The Peninsula Hong Kong - Peninsula in Pink: Pink Opera Cake


The Peninsula Hong Kong - Peninsula in Pink: Pink Amour Cocktail


The Peninsula Hong Kong - Peninsula in Pink: Illumination

Hermes Creative Awards Winners 2014 Announced

June 10, 2014

The results are in… We are proud to announce that our 2 entries have both received critical recognition in the Hermes Creative Awards 2014.


The Gold award winning video for Tak Mei Toys Ltd was a presentation of their new interactive toy - Jacob iBear. With a combination of live shooting and software animation, deliver a dynamic video, which successfully conveys the product features to the viewer.

Watch the award winning video here -


The Platinum award winning video was for Knight Frank. This video was made for their 3 entries into the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Awards 2014. Instead of creating the regular presentation video, the Communications team at Knight Frank allowed us to be a bit more daring with the video. With this video, allowed them to win awards in the Residential & Professional Services categories.

Watch the Platinum award winning video here -

A Hollywood visit to the LANDMARK

May 13, 2014

At the end of April 2014, Hong Kong was blessed with a very special guest. She is a lifestyle entrepreneur, an Academy Award winner, and is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet today.


She is none other than Gwyneth Paltrow. We here at Filmages had the pleasure of covering Ms. Paltrow’s stay in Hong Kong.


Everyone was excited for her arrival, none more so than the 4 chefs situated under the Landmark roof. With 9 Michelin Stars between the 4 chefs, they took Gwyneth’s lifestyle and created a dish, using her as their inspiration.


News: Congratulations to Knight Frank - RICS Awards 2014 Winner!

March 25, 2014

A huge congratulations is in order to our Client: Knight Frank, who, at this year's RICS 2014 Annual Awards.


This is a ceremony hosted by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors which is a global professional body in the field of construction and the associated environmental issues. RICS has 140,000 members from 146 countries. 


The Knight Frank team walked away with the Best Residential Team Award and the Professional Services Award. 


"Big thanks to you and your team in producing such high quality videos

We got two [out of three] of the awards nailed – Residential and the Professional Services.

The videos were the talk of the town last night and we received big compliments in terms of our out-of-the-box presentation of our teams."  Natalie Tsui - Head of Marketing & Communications, Knight Frank HK


To see how "out-of-the-box" we were for Knight Frank, take a look at the Knight Frank RICS Awards 2014 videos.

News: Kung Hei Fat Choi!!

February 04, 2014

Here at Filmages wishing everyone great success in the Year of the Horse. 


Over the Chinese New Year holiday, Filmages are proud to announce that 5 out of 5 videos entered for the AVA Digital Awards 2014 have been awarded. 


The AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognises excellence by creative professionals in all aspects of digital communication. More information can be found here at


AVA Digital Awards 2014 - Platinum Award Winners



AVA Digital Awards 2014 - Gold Award Winners



AVA Digital Awards 2014 - Honourable Mention


News: Chef Alvin Leung… The MasterChef

December 13, 2013

Hong Kong's very own Michelin-starred chef, Alvin Leung, has been selected as one of the renowned judges for MasterChef Canada. The popular reality/cooking show is coming to Canada for the first time, and we are thrilled that you will be seeing some of the footage we produced with Alvin last summer in the show. There is no doubt that Alvin's legendary showmanship will be fun to watch. The series will start airing on January 20 on CTV and can be watched online at:


You can watch our full video with Alvin Leung here:

News: 2 trailers in theatres…

November 23, 2013

One of the pleasures to go to a real cinema theatre has always been the short movies preceding the feature film.

This month, Hong Kong moviegoers can see 2 different trailers produced by Filmages in 2 different film festivals.
One produced in 2009 for the Jewish Film Festival and still faithfully screened today, and another recent production for the Hong Kong Tramways, sponsors of the French Film Festival.

So, expect to see our work all over town in Palace IFC, AMC Pacific Place, City Hall, HK Arts Centre, Broadway Cinémathèque, Film Archive...

HK Jewish Film Festival opening

HK Tramways sponsorship trailer for the French Film Festival

News: The Age of Moknificence

September 27, 2013

Filmages teamed up with Hongkong Land and Karen Mok.

We had Karen for the day where she discussed her musical past and her intentions for the future. From awards, to fashion choices to art pieces, Karen Mok discusses what she holds closest to her.

The challenges we faced for this was to be able to shoot smart and to shoot right, ensuring following the star’s packed schedule and ensuring that we kept to it.

Watch the beautiful Karen Mok give a telling insight into her life, a side, most people do not get to find out about very often!

Watch our video here

For more information, click here


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    Hongkong Land - Santa Paws Carnival
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    Faust - The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe BTS
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    Tak Mei Toys - Jacob iBear
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    Hongkong Land - Xmas 2013
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    Gammon - The Gammon Promise
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    Hong Kong Tramways - French Film Festival Trailer
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    Hongkong Land - LANDMARK Magazine - Zegna Made to Measure
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    Hongkong Land - LANDMARK Magazine - No Dress Code
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    Hartmann Studios - BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013
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    Hongkong Land - LANDMARK Magazine - Drive Time
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    Hongkong Land - The Age of Moknificence
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    Procter & Gamble - P&G Max Factor Xperience Launch
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    Procter & Gamble - P&G China Social Media
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    BuyMeDesign - SPOT & BUY products from emerging talents
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    Divine Agency - Cosmo Supply Lab
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    Stepmax - My Little Paper / Daily7 / Daily10
    (02min 58sec - 2013)

    Classic Fine Foods - World’s Top Chefs series: Alvin Leung
    (02min 57sec - 2013)

    Reed Midem - MIPIM Asia Promo 2013
    (01min 10sec - 2013)

    La Rose Noire - LRN Company Presentation 2013
    (02min 35sec - 2013)

    Landmark - 2,864 Stories (Handbags)
    (01min 23sec - 2013)

    UK Trade & Investment - Doing business in Mongolia
    (02min 15sec - 2013)

    La Rose Noire - LRN New Products 2013
    (02min 7sec - 2013)

    Reed Midem - MIPIM Awards 2013 Kick Off
    (01min 53sec - 2013)

    Hongkong Land - Landmark Blossoms - Chinese New Year 2013
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    Filmages - Videography
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    Filmages - Events
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    Filmages - Corporate
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    Filmages - Graphic Animations
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    Faust - Kensuke’s Kingdom - Behind The Scenes
    (00min 43sec - 2013)

    Faust International - Kensuke’s Kingdom - Teaser
    (02min 3sec - 2013)

    Gammon - Jardine’s Pride in Performance Award Submission Video
    (00min 46sec - 2013)

    Four Seasons Hong Kong - X’mas with Charlie Bear
    (02min 1sec - 2012)

    Hongkong Land - 0 Degrees
    (00min 53sec - 2012)

    CNCCEF - Ubifrance - VIE Prize 2012
    (03min 58sec - 2012)

    Gammon - E&M
    (03min 12sec - 2012)

    Datasource - MultiMilingual Contract
    (01min 26sec - 2012)

    Datasource - Le Jambon
    (00min 51sec - 2012)

    Datasource - Criminal Manual
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    DFS - The Journey Continues
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    Sotheby's - Bannerman
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    Gammon - Employee Video
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    Hongkong Land - Black Berry
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    Hongkong Land - One Central Macau - Nathalie Decoster
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    La Rose Noire - Passion Pâtisserie
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    Focus on Films - Kiiiiiiids!
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